Friends of Stilleben

Friends of Stilleben
Cecilie Stöger Nachman
We asked Cecilie Stöger Nachman, founder of Kula Wrap, PR manager at Skagerak and design coordinator at The Apartment, to pick her 6 Stilleben favorites. She is into flowers, both on textile and print - and she has a soft spot for Japan which is why she will enjoy her ice cream from a Japanese dessert cup...

Tea Cozy, Red Flower
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 “Actually I don´t drink much tea, but this tea cozy from Milsted is so lovely that I will use it as decoration. I love textiles and Cecilie Milsted has an eye for fine qualities and beautiful prints.”

Sarah Becker
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 “I will never get tired of flowers - nor in glass and frame like this print with motif by Sarah Becker for Stilleben Print Collection! I love her quirky universe and have a small collection of her hand-cut Christmas paper works”

Jicon, Bowl, Stilleben, Japanese ceramics

Dessert Cup
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Bedding, Nebulosa bedding, ATWTP, Skagerak

Nebulosa Bedding
Buy Now 800 DKK

“I love Japan and have visited the country several times. It’s an amazing and fascinating place to be - everything is different from Denmark, but at the same time I feel at home. The small dessert cup from Japanese Jicon will remind me of Japan each time I fill it with ice cream!” “One can never have too much bedding and the Nebulosa bedding designed by ATWTP for Skagerak is made in 100 % organic cotton and has small dots symbolising the peaceful starry sky.”

SE68 Dining Chair
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Wooden Box Big
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“I am a great fan of Egon Eiermann and his simple and precise universe. The SE68 Dining Chair in the Jaipur colour from Please Wait to be Seated will look good next to my desk. The chair is not only beautiful - it has a great comfort as well.” “I love boxes! Actually I am a true collector when it comes to boxes. This handmade one in tinted glass from Danish Cabinet is lovely. I will place it in my windowsill in my bedroom so the light can play with the glass...” 

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