One shelving unit - in three ways!

One shelving unit - in three ways!

Vivlio Shelf System, Skagerak, Stilleben

Tall, low or in between. With great or small shelves. Vivlio Shelf System, designed by Included Middle for Skagerak, makes it easy to build a shelving unit that will suit your personal needs. We have build and styled the shelving unit in three ways - for the living room, kitchen and hallway...
Couch size: It´s nice to have a low shelving unit next to your couch. That way you can easily get a hold of your favorite books - or record collection...
Price example: 5.380 DKK 

Vivlio Shelf System, Stilleben, Skagerak

A true kitchen pal: With a high shelving unit you have lots of space for tableware, tea towels and cookbooks - and you can enjoy your beautiful kitchen things every day instead of storing them away.
Price example: 10.060 DKK

Vivlio shelving System, hallway, Skagerak, Stilleben

Last minute: Use Vivlio in your hallway and you always have a place to put your shoes and bags - and your sunglasses, keys and beach blanket - all the stuff you need before leaving the house in last minute!
Price example: 4.880 DKK 


Frames: The steel frames are available in three colours; grey, black and cinnamon. 1.295 DKK pr. unit. 
Shelves: The ash shelves are available in three colours; nature, black and light blue. 995-1.495 DKK pr. shelf.

Note: You need one frame pr. shelf.

To explore Vivlio Shelf System please stop by our store in Frederiksborggade 22 or find it in our webshop HERE

If you have any questions please contact our webshop: 3191.


Vivlio Shelf, Skagerak, Stilleben

Vivlio Shelf,
Buy Now 995 DKK

Vivlio frame, Stilleben, Skagerak

Vivlio Frame
Steel, Cinnamon
Buy Now 1.295 DKK

Vivlio shelf, Stilleben, Skagerak

Vivlio Shelf
Buy Now 1.295 DKK

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