Friends of Stilleben

Friends of Stilleben
Souvanni Asmussen, Stilleben friends, favoritesPhoto: Thomas Hommelgaard

We asked the Danish artist Souvanni Asmussen to pick her 6 Stilleben favorites. Amongst others she has a soft spot for Japanese ceramics and the colour red...

Office Chair, Please Wait to be Seated, Stilleben Sekvens Bowl

Chair: I am a great fan of Please Wait to be Seated as they are so forward in their thinking. I have an old desk chair that looks a little bit like this Office Chair and as I have a long working table I would love to have another chair too. That would look great and still go with the old one. I like design that takes base in something classic and well-known - be it furniture or clothes.

Bowl: I have a soft spot for Japanese ceramics and ones that look like they are from Japan. I used to buy lookalikes in flea markets before anyone thought ceramics were anything. My mother used to collect as well, so it runs in the family. The glaze on the Sekvens Bowl by Danish Kristina Vildersbøll is amazing and the shape is like a little sculpture - it is so satisfying to look at.

Edge Teapot, design by Stilleben, Skagerak Matiazzi, Please Wait to be Seated, Stilleben

Teapot: I just love the design and the mat texture of this teapot designed by Stilleben for Skagerak - even I’m not much of a tea drinker I would still enjoy its shape. I’m a sucker for ceramics and the burnt colour is a favourite of mine.

Bench: I already have 6 red Børge Mogensen chairs - so this Clerici bench from Mattiazzi would do well in my house. But maybe in another room as I think red should only be an accessory... The design is simple and beautiful and combine something from a classic Swedish bench with modern lines.
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Kjær Weis, blush, Stilleben, organic makeup Sea grass rug, Stilleben

Cream Blush: I used to work as a stylist for many years and had the pleasure to work with Kirsten way back. She is such a great person and it is so great she is having succes with her makeup brand. The packaging is unique and you would almost wear it as jewelry! The texture and subtle colours are so carefully chosen and you feel like every piece is special.

Rug: I have been looking for such a rug - and this one from Bloomingville is another 70ies classic! I have a little veranda where there are plants, a cosy sofa and a small table and corner bench. The floors a little bare - so this rug would do perfect. And the round shape softens up all the straight lines...

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