Stilleben Goes Christmas

Stilleben Goes Christmas

It is a Stilleben tradition to invite everyone to Stilleben Goes Christmas – a celebration of the beginning of the busy and joyful month of Christmas.

As always we have made a special selection of amazing and unique decorations made by local artists and designers. Some of the items are brand new, and some of them you will be happy to recognize from last year – maybe you were out too late to get you favourite one? Be quick this year! We only have a limited amount of each item available – and most of them are one-of-a-kind.

Remember our red Christmas Apple? This year we extended the Stilleben Christmas Collection with new paper ornaments, and the apple will now be accompanied by pears, stars, trees and mushrooms – perfect for a colourful and fruity Christmas.

Here is a small sneak peek of what to find at Stilleben Goes Christmas

Through the last couple of months textile designer Johanne Genz has been busy making our small, classic Stilleben Vintage Cornets

Stilleben Paper Ornaments – a mix of traditional and unconventional shapes and colours. Works very well on your tree, in your windows or as decorations on your advent wreath.

Endless rows of angels with cute dresses and rosy cheeks. Julie Celine Zwicky adds a personal touch to each lucky, little angel. 

An absolute hit – the Dove Festoon from Swedish AfroArt. 

Pleated Christmas Hearts are an old Danish tradition. This version is cut and pleated by hand of exclusive Japanese origami paper. They are made by Danish designer Karen Bjelke.  

Small, beautifully decorated Christmas Trees handmade by Anne Vig Larsen. Pick a single one or add an entire forest to your personal Christmas Village. 


A Christmas Eve countdown is a necessity! This candle is made from 51% sustainable soy wax and 49% high quality stearin. This type of candle has very little air pollution and therefore does not affect the climate in your home.

The Stilleben Christmas Totebag 2019 is marked with a big, red heart! Christmas is all about love – isn't it? 
Get a free bag with your purchase on Saturday 16th of November at Stilleben Goes Christmas - both online and in store. 


All the Christmas goodies seen above are available from Saturday.
We are looking forward to seeing you at Stilleben Goes Christmas!

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