The art of capturing a mood

The art of capturing a mood

Souvanni Asmussen, Stilleben, original art works

Photographer Thomas Hommelgaard

If you are a fashionista you probably know Danish Souvanni Asmussen. In the early 90´s she was one of the first Danish stylists to build up a scene around styling. Today she has brought her unique understanding of colours, moods and trends into the world of art. She still creates stories - but in a new way.

Faces in profile. Often without eyes but with a strong character. Maybe lips, a chin or a nose that reveals the personality. Or fancy hair. Maybe green or purple that matches the red, orange or grey face. Souvanni Asmussen who paints, cuts and draws does not imitate reality. With two parents who worked most of their lifes as illustrators and from her many years at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts she is a talented illustrator. But it dosen´t interest her anymore. 

“I have always been a good illustrator but I am not interested in making "skilled" illustrations. Having the freedom to work without limits gives me the freedom to capture a certain mood. The appearance of a shoulder sometimes says more than a perfect shoulder. The difficult part is to capture the right mood.”

Souvanni Asmussen, Stilleben, Original art works

Souvanni Asmussen, original art works, Stilleben

Souvanni´s living room - with her own artworks. Photographer Thomas Hommelgaard. 

From fashion photography to original artworks: Souvanni Asmussen has worked as a stylist since the early 90´s where she met a visionary photographer. Together they startede driving around for perfect locations - from Danish porn shops to Poland. Two years ago she decided to change her path: 

“As a stylist I suddenly found myself not being able to create the expression I wanted, mostly because of commercial interests. I felt a strong need to follow my own ideas. In fact creating a fashion photography and an art work is closely related. It´s still about capturing a mood and zeitgeist.” 

Gaffer tape hair: From her many years in the fashion world she also brought the use of gaffer tape and fabrics. If you look closely the hair is sometimes made out of colorfull gaffer tape or the background is made out of fabric. “As a stylist I have worked many years with gaffer tape and love it - I guess that´s my thing.” The fabrics are not just something she bought in the nearest shop but something she has handpicked through the years. In other words - each detail went through her critical eye...

Forbidden colours: Souvanni´s artworks not only capture moods and characters. Her colour combinations are also lovely - and a bit quirky. “I am very fond of colours. I fall in love over and over again when it comes to the right colour combinations. It should not be totally by the book. When I was a child there was something called forbidden colours. For example you could not mix dark blue and brown. I like to go beyond that.” Souvanni also seems to be very interested in faces - but why?

“Faces are a great part of fashion. I have always been fascinated by New Faces. There is something magical about it as each face tells a story. I am not interested in beauty faces - that easily becomes too boring. I´m tired of the stereotypical image of women. I prefer when it´s a bit artistic and quirky.”  

We are proud to be the first stores to stock Souvanni Asmussen´s original artworks. Find them in both stores; Frederiksborggade 22 and Niels Hemmingsens Gade 3, Copenhagen.  

Souvanni Asmussen, Stilleben, original artworks   Souvanni   

 Souvanni´s artworks in her living room. Photographer Thomas Hommelgaard.

Souvanni As

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