DAN-Ild Bowl Ø9
DAN-Ild Bowl Ø9

DAN-Ild Bowl Ø9

Designer: Lyngby Porcelain

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Material: Porcelain 
Measurements: Ø9 cm, H 5 cm 

The DAN-Ild series is a relaunch of one of our old-time favorites. Stilleben has made the tableware serie in collaboration with Lyngby Porcelæn. 

Stilleben have interpreted the combined cookware and tableware with a rustic feeling in the brown stoneware and a touch of clear blue, playful decoration. Hopefully this tableware will invite you to be creative, when you play and improvise in the kitchen and on you dinner table. 

The DAN-Ild tableware consists of oven dishes in three different sizes, mixing/serving bowls in four sizes, a big serving tray for tapas or cakes and a small casserole with a lid for sauces, pestos, dressings etc. 

Ovnfast og tåler opvaskemaskine 

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