Mixed Fruits - Pack of 7
Mixed Fruits - Pack of 7

Mixed Fruits - Pack of 7

Designer: Stilleben Christmas Collection

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Pack of 7

Material: Paper
Measurements: Ø 4 x H 7 cm

This year the Stilleben Christmas Collection is larger than ever. We designed a series of small, adorable paper ornaments balancing between traditional Christmas feelings and a twisted, slightly more unconventional version of the same. We added colours, glitter and extra cheerfulness. Happy Christmas!

In this package you will get all of our colorful Christmas ornaments. 

Our paper decorations are all wrapped flat. They are easy to unfold – and also easy to store when January sets in.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Stilleben Christmas Collection where you will find cute cornets, large stockings, glittery trees and classic stars.

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