Helle Mardahl Bonbonniere Violet Mint Mouth Blown Glass Lidded Jar Mundblaest Glas Laagkrukke

Bonbonniere - Violet/Mint

Designer: Helle Mardahl

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Material: glass
Measurements: approx. H 9 cm

The Bonbonniéres are lidded jars made from glass. They are a part of Helle Mardahl’s Candy Collection, which is inspired by the childlike anticipation of a rich and playful sweetshop. The strong colours and the warped silhouettes are an incredible successful interpretation of a piece of candy, and the collection seems to catch the atmosphere of a sweetshop very well.

The lid of the jar features a very heavy and beautiful stopper made in clear glass to ensure that the two parts are kept together properly.

Each Bonbonniére is handmade in Copenhagen, and therefore they are all completely unique. Please be aware that your purchase will differ slightly from the one on picture.

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