File Under Pop FUP Paint Maling Mice Eat Cheese

Paint - Mice Eat Cheese

Designer: File Under Pop

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Material: Water based matt paint. Nordic Ecolabel
Special info: Paint is ordered from the manufacturer Tuesday morning every week and shipped on Thursday.

10 litre cans must be collected at the webshop.
Customers in and around Jutland and Funen please contact the webshop.

A wide range of beautiful colours created by the Danish design company File Under Pop in collaboration with The Jotun Denmark Group. The special feature of this paint is that it is washable even though it only has a 1% gloss. The paint is suitable for both walls and ceilings.

Change the look and feel of a room by painting a single wall or the whole room. All File Under Pop paint colours have been especially selected by owner, Josephine Akvama Hoffmeyer.

Please note that the colours shown on our webshop are only indicative. We recommend that you paint a small test area before painting the whole wall - or encourage you to stop by one of our stores to see the colours. 

0.75 litre (min. 0.68 L) covers approx. 2.5 sqm.
3 litre (min. 2.7 L) covers approx. 9 sqm.
5 litre (min. 4.5 L) covers approx. 15 sqm.
10 litre (min. 9 L) covers approx. 30 sqm.
The coverage is based on two coats of paint. Please take into consideration that you will need two coats of paint.

The coverage is purely normative. Coverage can vary all depending on texture of the wall, the color of the wall and the painting gear you use.

Please note that you can not return the paint can if it has been opened.

Maling fra File Under Pop - se alt maling fra FUP her.

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