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Mini Stilleben Print - Blossom

Designer: Stilleben Print Collection

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Material: 400 g Munken Lynx
Measurements: A5 / 14.8 x 21 cm / 5.8 x 8.3 inch

Poetic, graphic strokes and vibrant grey shades characterizes the poster series of Tulip and Blossom. The beautiful motifs are created by Finnish textile and surface designer Reeta Ek, whose work you may know from the world known Finnish brand Marimekko.

The prints are connected to the exhibition Luonnos by Reeta Ek and her colleagues Salla Luthasela and Wesley Walters. Luonnos was held at Stilleben No. 22 in May 2019. It presented objects of paint, ceramic and wood, and demonstrated how the trio focused on the intuitive steps of the artistic process rather than the creation of finished products.

Blossom is a carefully selected section of the enormous sketching artwork created for Luonnos. It is available in the sizes A5 and A3.

Printed in Denmark.

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