U / Evren Tekinoktay
U / Evren Tekinoktay

U / Evren Tekinoktay

Designer: Stilleben Print Collection

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Measurements: 50 x 70 

Danish/Turkish visual artist Evren Tekinoktay is known for her colourful and experimental collages, neon light sculptures and her bold and playfully decorated mirrors. Her work has been exhibited in London, Istanbul, Berlin, Stockholm and Copenhagen – and now we are incredibly proud to present Tekinoktay as a strong and innovative part of the Stilleben Print Collection.

U/Evren Tekinoktay is based on a book cover made by the artist related to her exhibition from 2011. The motif is available in the sizes A5 and 50x70 cm.

All prints within the Stilleben Print Collection is printed in Denmark.

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