Rudolph Care Exfoliating Hand Soap Haandsaebe

Exfoliating Soap

Designer: Rudolph Care

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Contents: 190 ml
Special info: certified by the Nordic Ecolabel and ECOCERT

Luxurious, exfoliating and nourishing hand soap, which leaves the skin clean and soft.

Prunus Armeniacea Seed Powder and fine scrubbing grains from the natural silica-mineral exfoliate the skin lightly, and gently remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin while stimulating the blood circulation.

Active and nourishing ingredients care for your hands; the acai berry’s high concentration of antioxidants from essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals prevent signs of ageing and strengthens your skin, while aloe vera rebuilds the skin’s elasticity and preserves its natural moisture. 

Exfoliating Soap has a hint of menthol, which feels refreshing on the skin while it spoils your senses. 

User Guide:

Use Exfoliating Soap when washing your hands. Wet your hands and wrists and distribute the soap evenly. Scrub the hands for 1-2 minutes and rinse off with water.

Finish with Acai Hand Cream for maximum nourishment and softness.

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