Stilleben Architects has colored a variant of &tradition’s stackable chair Betty by Thau and Kallio.

Betty is in many ways a perfect chair. With a subtle and intuitive design, it is both stackable and lightweight, making it ideal for everyday life. It has a long-lasting aesthetic without being retro, and its construction and materials makes it simultaneously contemporary and classic. Betty is made from solid wood and form-pressed veneer with a linen webbing seat. 

With a Limestone colored finish, our version of the Betty chair perfectly complements the Stilleben Table and our remaining product range.

Box of 2

Designed by &tradition
Colored by Stilleben Architects

Produced in Latvia by Kvist Industries A/S

Lacquered solid wood, form pressed veneer and natural linen webbing


H 77 x W 51 x D 48 cm // Seating D 42 cm, Seat H 47 cm

Strength, durability and safety testing
Tested for strength, durability and safety according to EN 16139 level 2 – extreme use

Care instructions
Lacquered wood is easier to clean compared to oiled wood and requires no maintenance. Can be cleaned with a soft cloth wrung in a mild solution of lukewarm water and a universal cleaning detergent. Always follow wood grains and always dry with a soft dry cloth immediately after cleaning.


Shipping options
Shipment Denmark, to the curb 325 DKK
Delivery time: Up to 2 weeks