File Under Pop Lavastone Board I Shot the Sherif Lavasten Braet

Lavastone Board - I Shot The Sherif

Designer: File Under Pop

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Material: Lavastone
Measurements: 12 x 20 cm // 20 x 30 cm

The solid color Lavastone Boards are glazed with colors from File Under Pops own color scale.

The lavastones from File Under Pop are hand crafted from beginning to end. The lavastone is extracted from the active volcano Mount Etna on Sicilly, at a depth of 20-30 metres where the stone has been compacted for 2-3000 years.

There might be small imperfections in the glazing of the lavastones as it is impossible to predict how the lavastones reacts to the burning process. There are small depots of oxidants in the lavastone and when the lavastone is burned the depots vaporize and leaves a cavity, where the glazing then flows into, seemingly leaving a hole in the glaze.

Lavasten fra File Under Pop - se alle lavabræt fra FUP her.

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