The Kitchen Dream

Stilleben Architects was established in 2017 in a close collaboration
between architect Ditlev Rahbek and Stilleben.

Since then we have been building kitchens and furniture focusing on quality craftsmanship, sophisticated functionality, long-lasting solutions and aesthetic simplicity.

A kitchen built to last

The kitchen design sets the tone for Stilleben’s universe. It makes you feel at home, and it is a pleasant place to prepare your meal. The luxury lies in the quality and in the fact that every detail is carefully curated. Designing our kitchens was an exercise in deselecting. There is an endless menu of features and options in modern kitchens. We wanted to narrow down the options so that only the well-thought-out and durable solutions remained. It should not be a daunting task to design your new kitchen. 

Two kitchen models

Today, Stilleben Architects consists of two different kitchen designs: Frame Kitchen and Section Kitchen. Both kitchens are built by hand and from ash and oak wood with finger-joint drawers. Stilleben Architects' kitchens are inspired by the same design philosophy as the entire Stilleben universe; creating a simple, beautiful and well-functioning space that invites you and the people around you to spend more time in the kitchen. 


Stilleben Architects have also designed and built a range of products that complement their kitchens and function both practically and aesthetically in the other rooms of the home; a pendant, a shelf, a stool, a glass cabinet, a mirror and a dining table. All Stilleben Architects' furniture and products can be purchased here at our webshop and in the Stilleben Flagship Store.

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