Kristine Hellesøe Appel Buket i Graa Framed Original Indrammet Original 56.5x39.5
One of a Kind

Bouquet in Grey - Original (Framed)

Designer: Kristine Hellesøe Appel

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Framed Original
Measurements: 39.5 x 56.5 cm / 15.5 x 22.2 inch

Linocut by Danish painter Kristine Hellesøe Appel. Every picture is made in a small edition and has recently been on display in a exhibition in Amagersalonen. Her pictures brings back memories of long afternoons in the windowsill, the 70s simple aesthetic, with colours that are deep and textile in their expression.

Original fra Kristine Hellesøe Appel - se alle originaler her.

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