Cards - Astrid Kruse Jensen

Cards - Astrid Kruse Jensen

Designer: Fabrik Books

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Material: 300g Invercote
Measurements: A5
Special info: Comes without envelopes

Nordic Photography is a series of one-picture-books/cards curated by the Danish artists Trine Søndergaard and Nicolai Howalt.

In the one-picture-books titled Hypernatural artist Astrid Kruse Jensen invites you into a visual narrative taut with notations of wonderment at the natural beauty and powers of the landscape of Island up against the reality of manmade artefacts and environment. 

Each one-picture-book is a sheet of paper with a text inside. Hypernatural is a set of four one-picture-books, as shown in the picture. Use it as a card or place it in a frame - see our frames in A5 here.

Astrid Kruse Jensen lives and works in Copenhagen and is represented by Copenhagen based Martin Asbæk Gallery and Wetterling Gallery in Stockholm.

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