Stilleben's Concave Vase is handmade and mouth blown and available in several colors.
Stilleben Concave Glassware Collection. The Collection comprises drinking glasses and vases in various sizes, colors and shapes. Handmade and mouth blown from crystalline glass.

Concave Vase - 20 cm - Atlantic Blue Swirl

Designer: Stilleben

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The Concave Vase is the perfect decoration for your livingroom both with or without a beautiful bouquet. The elegant and slightly concave shape is mouth blown and handmade of crystal glass. This material allows us to make a beautiful, thin and delicate finish without compromising on durability and strength.

The Concave Vase is available in two different sizes and comes in a lined version with straight stripes and a swirled version with twisted stripes.



Concave Glassware

Crystalline glass

Atlantic Blue

Approx. Ø 14.5 x H 20 cm

Care instructions
We recommend washing the vase by hand

Other variants
Concave Vase - 28 cm - Atlantic Blue Fan

Handmade and mouth blown in Czech Republic

The vases are made by local, skilled glassworkers in a more than 300 year old family driven glass factory in Czech Republic. The factory was founded in 1712 and is one of the last remaining producers in Europe using only mouth blown and handmade techniques.

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