The Dove Festoon is an absolute Christmas favorite.

Simple, yet decorative, the garland can be placed on the Christmas tree, in a window or on the wall. The delicate white doves will add a touch of magic.

The Dove Festoon is produced for Swedish Afroart from handmade, Nepalese paper.


Handmade paper and cotton string

140 cm


Handmade paper from Nepal

The garlands are made out of handmade paper from Nepal and the production is creating employment in rural areas. The handmade paper is made from the bark of a shrub, which is locally called Lokta. It grows on the southern slopes of the Nepalese Himalayas between 1600-4000 m.

Afroart was established in Stockholm in 1967, and the company is based on the idea to collaborate with local artisans from countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Afroart imports directly from artisans or through fair trade organizations.