Edge Vase 20 cm in Terracotta is designed by Stilleben for Skagerak.
Edge Vases in Terracotta, designed by Stilleben for Skagerak.

Edge Vase - 20 cm

Designer: Skagerak

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Edge Vase in terracotta designed by Stilleben for Skagerak continues an ancient Greek-Egyptian tradition for craftsmanship in a simple, Nordic expression. The foot and the neck of the vase are both sharply profiled in levels, which makes a balance between the raw and the refined. 

Use it for fresh or dried flowers or as a beautiful object in itself. 

The outer surface is unglazed and has a natural look in a warm, brownish-red color, while the inside is glazed to ensure a sturdy and water-resistant surface.


Stilleben x Skagerak

Edge Collection


Ø 9 x H 20 cm

Care instructions
Dishwasher safe


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