Eiermann2 - Burgundy Linoleum
Eiermann2 - Burgundy Linoleum
Eiermann2 Dining - Burgundy Linoleum

Eiermann2 Dining - Burgundy Linoleum

Designer: Please wait to be seated

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Material: Burgundy Linoleum table top and chrome or steel frame
Special info: 4-6 weeks delivery. Must be picked up at the webshop.

Simple and classic Eiermann2 table designed by German Egon Eiermann and represented by Danish Please Wait to be Seated. Eiermann designed the table in 1953 for his own office and later on one of Eiermann’s students made a dining version called Eiermann2.

The table top is available in different sizes and the frame is available in different colors and sizes - please choose your own combination above. 

Today Eiermann´s designs are found in countless private homes and hundreds of workplaces around Europe - a table that has proven its status as classic for decades! 

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