Mason Pearson Hair Brush Handy B3 Bristle Haarsboerste Dark Ruby

Hairbrush - Handy B3 - Dark Ruby

Designer: Mason Pearson

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Material: Wild boar bristles on rubber cushion, plastic handle
Measurements: Overall Length 21.6 / Head Length 11 x Width 6.4 cm

Handy B3 is a medium size brush, and it consists of only wild boar bristles. It is very soft and is recommended for short to medium length hair which is characterized as fine.

The Mason Pearson brushes are recommended by hairdressers and stylists worldwide for their ability to improve the quality of both your hair and your scalp. The brushes are all built on a pneumatic rubber cushion and – depending on the model – with a mix of nylon and wild boar bristles.

This construction allows the brush to massage your scalp gently, which enhances the growth of your hair and releases its natural oil; sebum.

The wild boar bristles absorb the oil and distributes it throughout your hair when brushing. This leaves you with a non-greasy and healthy scalp plus natural shiny and richer hair.  

All brushes are made in England.

Mason Pearson recommends 100 brush strokes a day.
Happy brushing!

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