HÅNDVÆRK Bookazine no. 5 - Rigetta Klint

HÅNDVÆRK Bookazine no. 5 - Rigetta Klint

HÅNDVÆRK bookazine

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The fifth issue of Rigetta Klint HÅNDVÆRK bookazine has the title Dekoration.

It presents a range of artisans, designers, architects and artists who work to express themselves through decorating as it is present in anythings from art, ceramics, lamps and furniture to wallpaper, mosaics, jewelry and even tattoos.

HÅNDVÆRK bookazine no. 5 focuses on materials and processes as a prerequisite for sustainable practice in the areas of crafts, art and design.

HÅNDVÆRK takes you behind the scene of crafts, artisanal production, architecture and design in respectful and in-depth interviews accompanied by beautiful photographs and complemented by top-quality printing and paper.


Rigetta Klint


Paperback, 160 pages



Author Rigetta Klint is a designer, writer and photographer. Besides her work on HÅNDVÆRK, she works as a freelance consultant, curator and photographer. Rigettas great passion is storytelling about people, food, fashion or interior. She is focused on slow aesthetics; slow in the sense that what she deals with in her work is the result of thorough and thoughtful processes and that it is consumed slowly due to the inherent quality it possesses. A product with inherent quality is one that is characterized by carefully thought-out design, durable, hardwearing materials and outstanding craftsmanship.