Raawii Kvium Vase Nostalgia Rose Pink Lyseroed Earthenware Fajance

Jam Vase - Nostalgia Rose

Designer: Raawii

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Material: Earthenware
Measurements: Ø 18 x H 24 cm

Michael Kvium joined forces with Raawii in this magnificent collaboration.

Launched in relation to the exhibition Kunstnerbrødre (Brothers in Art) at Brandts in Odense, which displays the work and the friendship of the great Danish painters H.A. Brendekilde and L.A. Ring, Kvium and Raawii was inspired by the liberty to change media – exactly like both Brendekilde and Ring allowed themselves to explore the ceramic possibilities when they were invited as Brothers in Art to join Herman Kähler in his workshop in the late 1890s.

As new Brothers in Art Kvium’s characteristic ornamentations and Raawii’s colourful universe add up as a very unique design.

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