Stilleben Architects Kitchen Shelf Clear Blue Koekkenhylde klar blaa Ash Ask Snedkerkoekken
Stilleben Architects Kitchen Shelf Koekkenhylde Oak Eg Clear Blue Klar Blaa

Kitchen Shelf - Clear Blue

Designer: Stilleben Architects

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Soon, this item will be available for purchase online. Until then, please find it in Stilleben in Frederiksborggade 22, Copenhagen. 

MEASUREMENTS: W 80 x D 22.5 x H 51.5 cm

Make room for your cups, jugs and other kitchen essentials! 
Kitchen Shelf by Stilleben Architects is made in Denmark, and is available in several of the Stilleben Architects signature colours.

Also perfect next to your bed or in the children's room.

The shelf holds up to 25 kilos.

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