Kogekunst - Frederikke Legaard

Kogekunst - Frederikke Legaard

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Aesthetic and uncomplicated at the same time - Kogekunst by Frederikke Legaard is an inspiring cook book for both savory and sweet cooking sprinkled with personal stories and artwork.

Frederikke Legaard is know for her artistic approach to desserts and cakes, but is also well versed in the savory kitchen. She has cooked, written, drawn and painted this combined baking- and cook book at home in her 5m2 kitchen. 

Kogekunst is a curated collection of Frederikkes favorite dishes, cakes and desserts seasoned with personal stories, sketches and tips. The book is divided into a sweet and a savory part with subtitles as Morgenbagværk, Kolde retter, Varme retter og Mine favoritterThroughout the book Frederikke has added handdrawn guides and step-by-step sketches.


Frederikke Legaard


Hardcover, 236 pages



Artist Frederikke Legaard became famous for her extravagant and artistic cakes and winning Bagedysten 2020. She has been cooking and baking since her early childhood and describes the book as a small encyclopedia of treasures. She finds inspiration for her food and cakes from home and travels abroad. She perfected her doughnuts during a stay in New York and dumplings from a trip to Hongkong. Her grandmother taught her how to bake.