File Under Pop Lavastone Lavasten 10x20 Ewe Pink Champagne

Lavastone - Ewe - Pink Champagne

Designer: File Under Pop

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Material: Lavastone
Meassurements: 10 x 20 x 1 cm

The Lavastone Ewe is glazed in the color Pink Champagne. The motifs is from File Under Pops Ewe collection which is inspired by the Ewe people located in southeast Ghana, southern Togo and southern Benin.

The lavastones from File Under Pop are hand crafted from beginning to end. The lavastone is extracted from the active volcano Mount Etna on Sicilly, at a depth of 20-30 metres where the stone has been compacted for 2-3000 years. The lavastone is then glazed and decorated by hand and is transformed to ceramic by hours in the oven. 

The lavastone can be used for hot objects, as a base for candles or even as a display of your favourite things.

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