Paustian Vitra Hella Jongerius Magnet Dots Green Magneter Punktum Groen

Magnet Dots - Green

Designer: Paustian

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Material: Magnet and robust plastic
Measurements: Ø 3.7 cm

With their vibrant colors and unusual shape the Magnet Dots can be used as a small decorative elements both at home and at the office. The magnets are coated with a robust plastic and can be used to to fix papers to the fridge or the magnet board.

Magnet Dots comes in fore different color combinations and each package contains five magnets in different nuances: red, green, light or dark. All combinations has been carefully defined by Hella Jongerius to create a harmonic range of tones.

One magnet can hold up to five pieces of A4 paper.

Magnet fra Paustian - se alle magneter her.

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