The Memphis Stoneware series is tableware made for everyday use. The series is part of the Stilleben Tableware Collection and features geometric yet graceful shapes, honest materials and mellow colors. The high fired stoneware has a solid, strong ceramic body and a unique, lively glaze, revealed by the changing color depths and transparency.

This colorful addition to the dining table effortlessly sets the mood, regardless of whether you choose to mix and match colors or go all in on just one. No occasion is too big or too small - this tableware is meant for everyday life.

The collection is inspired by geometric shapes, dominant in the Memphis design era in the early 80s. The Memphis Bowl comes in four different sizes and four different colors, and are all stackable.



Memphis Stoneware

Glazed high fired stoneware

Dusty Blue

Ø 32 x H 12 cm

Care instructions
Oven, microwave and dishwasher safe

Other variants
Memphis Mini Bowl
Memphis Bowl Ø12
Memphis Bowl Ø17

Produced in Portugal

In close collaboration with our partners in Portugal, we produce our tableware at their ceramics factory located near the west coast, south of Porto. The country has a long history of pottery production and raw materials are collected locally from natural resources.

The stoneware is fired at very high temperatures, using a single-fire process. This energy saving process both results in an incredibly strong and durable stoneware with a unique glaze and is better for the environment.