Mini Stilleben Print - Birds

Mini Stilleben Print - Birds


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"Birds", paper collage by the Danish artist Sarah Becker made for Stilleben Print Collection. Sarah Becker has always been fascinated by animal silhouettes, especially birds. As she says: “They look so simple and are yet so complicated and thought through. If they lose a couple of feathers they are not able to fly.” The swallow is one of Sarah´s favourite birds and these two she cut in abstract silhouettes, which is a Sarah Becker signature.

The Danish artist Sarah Becker has always been fascinated by silhouettes. Especially animal silhouettes and their colours and textures. “I think that´s why I became interested in paper work, because you cut out their silhouettes,” she says. Sarah Becker is not only known for her magic universe, where she brings life and personality to animals, flowers and other paper cut objects. She also has a unique way of mixing colours and different materials. Sarah Becker has worked for fashion brands such as Fendi, John Galliano and Christian Dior and graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design in 2003. Besides paper work she works with embroidery, drawing and painting.

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