Mini Stilleben Print - Carrots to Share - Purple

Mini Stilleben Print - Carrots to Share - Purple


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Measurements: A5 (14,8x21 cm)

Carrots to Share - Purple is a part of the Family Style – Please Share series created by All the Way to Paris for Stilleben Print Collection.

All the Way to Paris and Stilleben go way back! We have been friends for the last decade following each other’s exciting journey into the world of design. All these wonderful years included several collaborative projects – from visual identity of the Stilleben stores to non-profit posters supporting the Red Cross and one-of-a-kind hand decorated plates. We have been travelling together, exploring together and enjoying lots of food together.

All of the above led to this new project: A collection of posters created exclusively for the Stilleben Print Collection. We call it Family Style – Please Share. The collection includes seven motifs all focusing on the table – the dinner, the setting, the sharing of food.

Carrots to Share is available in a dark blue version as well.