Mini Stilleben Print - Pear
Mini Stilleben Print - Pear

Mini Stilleben Print - Pear

Designer: Monika Petersen

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Make an iconic statement with the Pear poster by the Danish artist Monika Petersen, known for her iconic lino prints. The poster is made especially for Stilleben Print Collection which features Stillebens best selling artists.

In the original work Monika Petersen has worked with linocut creating a simple shape with the finest of details in the carving. The result is both iconic and vibrant. 

Stilleben has collaborated with Monika Petersen for many years and were the first shop to sell her work. In fact it all began when Stilleben opened their first shop almost 15 years ago and hired Monika to assist them. One day they decided to try selling some of her drawings and it immediately became a success.

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