Planet Lamp - Plum
Planet Lamp - Plum
Planet Lampe Blomme
Planet Lamp - Plum
Planet Lamp - Plum

Planet Lamp - Plum

Designer: Please wait to be seated

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Material: Brass, Aluminum and powder coated steel.
Measurements: H 110 x W 40 x D 20 cm

Planet Lamp is designed by Mette Schelde for Please Wait to be Seated. The lamp is made of brass (Ø 32 cm), aluminum (Ø 18 cm) and powder coated steel (Ø 25 cm). The Planets are interchangeable and attached by magnets and so can be arranged as you prefer. This means that you can change the visual image of the lamp and light as you wish. The indirect ambient halogen light appear soft and create shadows on the wall according to how the disks are configured on the profile. All depending on the light you want you can use a stronger halogen light bulb.

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