Stilleben Print Collection Hein Studio Poster Plakat 70x100 cm Laelia Peach Papercut

Poster 70x100 - Laelia Peach

Designer: Stilleben Print Collection

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Material: 200 g Munken Lynx
Measurements: 70 x 100 cm / 27.6 x 39.4 inch

Hein Studio joined the Stilleben Print Collection with four new motifs – including Laelia Peach.

Hein Studio is a Copenhagen based interior brand founded by Rebecca Hein Hoffmann. We have been following her high quality, Nordic designs for several years, and we still love the characteristic graphic yet organic shapes. Over time we may say she has become a Stilleben darling.

Even though the Hein Studio style often features a certain Nordic calmness and simplicity, the posters created for Stilleben Print Collection also contains a slightly more exotic vibe: Laelia, Heliconia and Yucca are all names of tropical plants.

Laelia Peach originates from a handmade papercut, and is available in the sizes A5, A4 and 70x100 cm.

All prints within the Stilleben Print Collection is printed in Denmark.

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