Shiro Bowl - 3 Dots
Shiro Bowl - 3 Dots

Shiro Bowl - 3 Dots

Designer: Motarasu

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Material: China Bone
Measurements: Small Ø18,5 x H5,6 cm & Large Ø29,8 x H9,8 cm

Shiro is a collection of bowls designed by Stilleben for Motarasu.

The bowls are designed to contain all kinds of foods and drinks. Each shape comes in two sizes – a small and a large. 

Shiro is the Japanese word for white. The little indigo blue dot is inspired by small Japanese stamps often used to sign a product or a paper. The dot also indicates the size of the bowl.

The Shiro Bowls are handcrafted in thin, transparent porcelain. Given the very soft and vibrant material and the high temperature firing each bowl will obtain an individual curve making every piece unique.

The collection has been crafted in Vietnam at a Danish DANIDA supported ceramic factory in a region with more than 1.000 years of tradition with ceramic production.

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