Stilleben Print - Push

Stilleben Print - Push

Designer: Berit Mogensen Lopez

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Material: Multidesign Naturel 200 g

Push by Berit Mogensen Lopez features black, white and brown tones. The motif consists of a digitally treated painting.

The Danish artist Berit Mogensen Lopez is known for her experimental colour combinations and strong graphic elements. She has a unique approach when it comes to symmetry and as she says “It has always fascinated me to alternate between the balance and harmony of nature and the skewed and uncontrolled. My prints are build up by a sort of meditative rhythm, which I afterwards try to break down by choosing colours that are not the most obvious choice in the classic sense.” Stilleben has worked with Berit for many years and was the first shop to sell her art work. Berit Mogensen Lopez graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2001.

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