Marmorbræt, Stribet
Marmorbræt, Stribet
Marble Board Striped

Marble Board Striped

Designer: Bethan Gray Design

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Material: Marble
Measurements: 26 x 36 X 2,9 
Special info: Packed in decorative black and white striped box

Incredible marble board by Bethan Gray Design in black and white stripes. The Bethan Gray Design marble board isn't just decorative but also very practical. Use it for either serving delicious food, displaying interior accessories or simply as a stylish piece in the kitchen. The beautiful striped print is graphic and minimalistic and with a black and white print the board wont go out of style with in many many years. The marble board measures 26 X 36 X 2,9 cm and will fit both bread, cheese and tapas at the same time. Use the marble board as an interior display with a small vase, a notebook and perhaps a decorative ceramic jar with lid. Beneath the marble board there is an other board attached giving the illusion that the board is floating from the surface. Use the striped board in its singularity or with its buddy, the zig zag variation for a cool and graphic look. Both boards pushed together will give the greatest look and be a fabulous display for either food or your favorite interior accessories. 

Marmorbræt fra Bethan Gray Design - se alle bræt her.

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