Karin Carlander Tea Towel Viskestykke ZigZag Ocher Okker

Tea Towel - Zigzag - Ocher

Designer: Karin Carlander

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Material: 100% linen
Measurements: 50 x 70 cm

Zigzag tea towel in organic linen by Danish Karin Carlander. The tea towel is woven with a special technique that becomes apparent when you look closely and turn the fabric in a certain way to reflect the light - almost like a hidden treasure embedded in the fabric.

The tea towel can also be used as a table cloth for two, as a salad sling or even in to wrap your new-baked bread…

As a young girl Karin Carlander went to Japan to study and that was the beginning of her life-long love and respect for Japanese design and craftsmanship.

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