WA Salad Cutlery
WA Salad Cutlery

WA Salad Cutlery

Designer: Motarasu

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Material: Stainless steel, solid ash wood and rattan
Measurements: L 28 cm, 140 g

WA Salad Cutlery is designed by Masuko Unayama for Motarasu.
The word Wa means harmony in Japanese. The heavy steel and the light ash wood meet in a graceful combination in the WA Salad Cutlery. For the wooden part, Unayama uses a traditional Japanese steam bending technique to create a simple but strong handle. The two materials are bound together using rattan for an elegant finish.

Each pair of salad cutlery is made by hand.

WA Salad Cutlery fits perfectly with the Shiro Bowl – 3 Dots, designed by Stilleben for Motarasu.

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