Giving new life to vintage quilts - introducing Daisy and Beulah

Giving new life to vintage quilts - introducing Daisy and Beulah

Giving new life to vintage quilts - introducing Daisy and Beulah

Danish company Daisy and Beulah specializes in antique patchwork quilts from North America. Each quilt is unique and hand sewn up to 200 years ago. Each represents a labour of love and countless hours of careful stitching.

Sourced by Daisy and Beulah, each quilt is given a new lease on life in new settings or by being made into new products such as tea cozies and potholders. Each of these items is one-of-a-kind and sewn in Denmark by skilled seamstresses. 

Lifelong love became a dream job

Daisy and Beulah founder Ida Marie with one of her vintage quilts

Founder Ida Marie Koefoed has turned a lifelong love for quilts into her dream job. With her American/Danish background quilts are stitched into her family history, and she named her company after her two great-grandmothers, Daisy Summerall and Beulah Bishop. Both were strong women and avid quilters, who made sure the traditions of quilting were kept alive in the family.

The family owns a summerhouse in Michigan, where Ida Marie spent all her childhood summers with her grandparents. She and her family still visits regularly to relax - and source antique quilts locally from the area.

Clever marketing turned into beautiful items

Quite a few of Daisy and Beulah's quilts have a origin as feed sacks. From the early 1900s and up until after the Depression in the 1930's a large part of the American population was battling poverty. Not being able to afford fabric for clothes, women would make the family's clothes from feed sacks instead.

As manufacturers caught on to this, companies began making feed sacks in beautiful prints, resulting in women going shopping for animal feed to pick out their favorite prints and colors.

The quilts were then made from leftover scraps of fabric from clothes making, and women would meet to exchange different pieces for quilts. This no-waste approach is a key value that Daisy and Beulah aims to continue by repurposing some of the quilts into other useful items.

Keeping the traditions alive

The mission of Daisy and Beulah is to keep the traditions alive and relevant by inserting the quilts and quilt products in contemporary settings as both decorative and useful items. Ones that will hopefully bring color and joy into their new homes.

Daisy and Beulah stack of vintage patchwork quilts

See Daisy and Beulah quilt products 

Stilleben has teamed up with Rue De Tokyo to launch a new project based on a unique selection of bedlinen and unisex sleepwear in a limited edition. 

New life to dead stock fabrics

Going through the archives of beautiful and high-quality Rue De Tokyo textiles, we decided to give them new life by creating a limited series for the bedroom from these various premium materials. Resulting in a unique selection of beddings and sleepwear in various patterns, structures and mellow tones.

David, creative director at Rue De Tokyo, tells: 

»Looking back at some of the textile stock we have at Rue De Tokyo, we wanted to give it new life. Material and texture have always been of great importance in my creative process and many times initiates my design. So, with these past high-quality fabrics at hand and the world’s resources in mind me and the STILLEBEN team decided to make a series of very limited products, that suited their assortment and was made from these so-called dead stock fabrics

Fashionable sleepwear for everyday use

Sleepwear as a casual outfit is a fashion trend that has been popular for years. It can be a fun and comfortable way to express your style and personality. There are many ways to style your sleepwear for different occasions and seasons. The styles has a classic and fashionable cut, and is made from crisp high-quality cotton for lasting use.

Limited stock – only in our Flagship Store

The Stilleben x Rue De Tokyo will be sold exclusively in our Flagship Store and comes in the models Harper pillowcase in 63x60 and Hagi duvet cover in 140x200, and unisex Skylar and Paxton.