'Tablescapes' by Stilleben x TAKT

'Tablescapes' by Stilleben x TAKT

'Tablescapes' by Stilleben x TAKT

As part of 3daysofdesign 2023 Stilleben teamed up with the Danish furniture brand TAKT.

Stilleben x TAKT
To celebrate our shared passion of producing long-lasting and sustainable products, we created the presentation Tablescapes – a story of the table, the tableware and the life lived around it.

Furthermore we will introduce our new Memphis Mug made of an exciting new raw material consisting of 90% recycled clay.

Shared values
We are very proud of collaborating with TAKT – we definitely see them as first movers in changing the furniture industry towards more sustainable practices.

TAKT is a Copenhagen-based furniture company, established in 2019, rethinking the way to design, build and sell furniture for the mutual benefit of people and planet. Sustainable materials and production methods are at the heart of their mission to provide high-quality design at accessible prices – without having a negative impact on the planet. TAKT is B-corp certified and all their products are FSC- and 100% eco-certified.

We share TAKT's love for quality materials, good craftsmanship and for creating valuable, tangible objects for everyday life.

Long-lasting products: TAKT wishes to break the unhealthy throw-away culture around furniture, as furniture should be loved, cared for and handed down to future generations. This is why all TAKT furniture is designed for repair. So when life happens, you’ll be able to easily repair or replace broken parts. This way, your furniture could last forever.

Much more TAKT
Visit taktcph.com to learn more about TAKT’s universe, explore all their furniture and to read their story on the collaboration with Stilleben.

See both Tablescapes and the new Memphis Mug in Stilleben Flagship Store or at Original Coffee in Store Kongensgade 124, Copenhagen during 3daysofdesign 2023.