Touring Japan - Stilleben pop-up in Nagano. Rhubarb treats and Danish design

Touring Japan - Stilleben pop-up in Nagano. Rhubarb treats and Danish design

Touring Japan - Stilleben pop-up in Nagano. Rhubarb treats and Danish design

Stillebens tour of pop-up shop in Japan is continuing throughout 2022 curated by our partners Nomad Inc.

Starting this Saturday, Stilleben pop-up store will open at the Omokage book&craft shop in Nagano.

Stilleben pop-up with Memphis Stoneware in Omokage book&craft, Nagano, Japan

100 Stilleben designs

During the pop-up more than 100 different items will be set up for display and to be sold in the pop-up shop from our Shopping Bags and Linen Textile Collection, Concave Vases, glasses to the entire collection of Memphis Stoneware. All are available during the pop-ups.

Follow along on Instagram to experience more from the pop-ups and discover Stilleben in new and inspiring settings. 

Stilleben pop-up with brand identity and textiles in Omokage book&craft, Nagano, Japan

Stilleben pop-up shop with linen textiles and shopping bags, Omokage book&craft, Nagano, Japan

Stilleben pop-up with Concave Glassware in Omokage book&craft, Nagano, Japan

Stilleben pop-up linen textiles in Omokage book&craft, Nagano, Japan

Homegrown rhubarb treats - interpreting Danish traditions

Alongside displays of our collections of glassware, stoneware and linen textiles, owner Kensuke Iwai will be serving homegrown rhubarb treats inspired by traditional Danish recipes for visitors to the pop-up to sample while shopping. Freshly harvested from his own farm, a local pastry chef will turn the rhubarbs into mouthwatering cookies and tarts.  

Homegrown rhubarbs for the Stilleben pop-up shop in Nagano with owner Kensuke Iwai

Stilleben pop-up with locally made rhubarb pastries 

Photos: Kensuke Iwai / Stilleben pop-up in Omokage book&craft, Nagano.

Stilleben has teamed up with Rue De Tokyo to launch a new project based on a unique selection of bedlinen and unisex sleepwear in a limited edition. 

New life to dead stock fabrics

Going through the archives of beautiful and high-quality Rue De Tokyo textiles, we decided to give them new life by creating a limited series for the bedroom from these various premium materials. Resulting in a unique selection of beddings and sleepwear in various patterns, structures and mellow tones.

David, creative director at Rue De Tokyo, tells: 

»Looking back at some of the textile stock we have at Rue De Tokyo, we wanted to give it new life. Material and texture have always been of great importance in my creative process and many times initiates my design. So, with these past high-quality fabrics at hand and the world’s resources in mind me and the STILLEBEN team decided to make a series of very limited products, that suited their assortment and was made from these so-called dead stock fabrics

Fashionable sleepwear for everyday use

Sleepwear as a casual outfit is a fashion trend that has been popular for years. It can be a fun and comfortable way to express your style and personality. There are many ways to style your sleepwear for different occasions and seasons. The styles has a classic and fashionable cut, and is made from crisp high-quality cotton for lasting use.

Limited stock – only in our Flagship Store

The Stilleben x Rue De Tokyo will be sold exclusively in our Flagship Store and comes in the models Harper pillowcase in 63x60 and Hagi duvet cover in 140x200, and unisex Skylar and Paxton.