20 years of Stilleben

The essence of Stilleben during the past 20 years has been to create new aesthetic expressions and meaningful objects for everyday life.

We celebrate our 20th anniversary with a Stilleben book - made to celebrate everyday life and to inspire you.

Every Day Still Life

"Through this book - Every Day Still Life - we look back at our journey and reflect on the moments that have shaped us, the beliefs that have guided us and the community that has supported our dreams."

Ditte Reckweg Lindholm & Jelena Schou Nordentoft

Book⼁Every Day Still Life

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The value of everyday living

The centre of our universe, the table is where intimate experiences are made and shared. It’s a realm of togetherness, conversation, good food and awakened senses. It’s a constantly changing scene composed of tableware, cloth, chairs and people. The objects are touched by hands, eyes and mouths.

This is reflected into Stilleben's own designs of stoneware, glassware, textiles and cutlery.

Memphis Stoneware

Memphis Stoneware is a collection of stackable, functional tableware. The stringent, geometric expression is softened with the vibrant, lively colors and glossy, transparent glaze.

The special glaze is developed by our partners to create a highly durable and scratch resistant surface of the stoneware.

Concave Glassware

Glassware made for everyday use. The slightly concave shape characterizes the collection of drinking glasses, wine glasses, carafes and vases in two sizes.

The unique qualities of crystalline glass allows for a clear, thin and delicate finish without compromising on durability and strength.