Design by Stilleben for Kähler

Design by Stilleben for Kähler

A special moment on the Stilleben Journey came in shape of a vase. Unexpectedly, it became a Danish design icon. A fixture in nearly every home. A piece exhibited in museums. The recipient of a lot of love and the punchline of a lot of jokes.

Omaggio is a tribute to the Danish internationally acclaimed ceramic workshop Kähler. With its contemporary form and iconic stripes the Omaggio vase in porcelain has become a worldwide bestseller. Throughout the years Omaggio has been made in different designs - from mini vases and bowls to coffee pots and candle holders with different coloured stripes.

The Omaggio Vase, designed by Ditte Reckweg and Jelena Schou Nordentoft for Danish Ceramic company Kähler in 2008, has become a true design icon, clearly recognisable for a distance due to the characteristic shape and stripes.

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'Omaggio is a prime example of what happens when skilled ceramicists, working within a historical context, create something transcending time and place.' (Lars Hedebo)