Small living - at home with interior consultant Rikke Munk

Small living - at home with interior consultant Rikke Munk

Small living - at home with interior consultant Rikke Munk

Considerate corners, flexible furniture and curated vintage objects create heart room for all in Rikke's Copenhagen apartment.

Rikke Munk, founder of vintage shop MUJO OBJECTS and interior consultant lives with her two sons in Copenhagen's North-West.

Her two-bedroom apartment is full of unique vintage finds, colour splashes and objects that do not match (and don't have too either).

Come join us for a look inside and discover how Rikke has created a home with plenty of personality and room for all on just 60 sqm.

On mixing, not matching:
— I really enjoy letting contrasts meet. New and old, soft and hard materials, color clashes. Some might call a few of my things 'ugly'. I don't mind that at all. My Zebra teapot brings fun and quirkyness to the kitchen.

I like finding vintage objects and mixing these with more modern designs from shops like Stilleben. I don't match colors or styles; I bring home what speaks to me, and what makes me happy.

"Having less space means carefully considering what enters my home. I quite like that; every object has meaning to me."

On creating small still lifes:
— The large room in my apartment has many functions. Creating considerate corners make it feel more spacious. These little setups are flexible, and they're often moved around.

Having a dining room, living room and bedroom in one isn't easy, but I feel like I've made it work with these personal corners.

On decorating with colors:
— I like having small explosions of colors around the apartment. I tend to keep larger surfaces in more muted tones, but then add colour with textiles, artworks and smaller furniture.

This way, I know I won't grow tired of them, and I can easily change the look of the room with just small adjustments.