Alma Cutlery - carefully crafted for everyday living

Alma Cutlery - carefully crafted for everyday living

Alma Cutlery - carefully crafted for everyday living

The philosophy behind Stilleben's tableware is creating objects of value that will be favourites for years to come with a quality and design that makes it easy to set an inspiring table every day. Our stoneware, glass, textiles — and now also cutlery — is for those special occasions and the regular Tuesday nights.

Stilleben Alma Cutlery

Stilleben Alma Cutlery

About Alma

Stilleben's new Alma Cutlery is designed by Ulrik Nordentoft and developed in close collaboration with Stilleben owners and designers, Ditte og Jelena. It closely relates to the expression and proportions of the Memphis Stoneware. First and foremost, however, it is made to be functional: 

"To me, cutlery is a tool. We all have a distinctly intuitive feeling of whether a knife and fork is pleasant to use. Therefore a harmonious form and physical balance of weight and shape is essential", Ulrik says about our Alma cutlery. 

Designer Ulrik Nordentoft discussing Alma Cutlery with Stilleben's Ditte Reckweg and Jelena Schou Nordentoft

As Alma Cutlery is made specifically relating to Memphis, each piece is minutely adjusted to fit and make sense as a cohesive whole. For instance, the design and scale of the knife ensures that is will not slide down into the plates. 

Alma Cutlery dining setting

Proportions relevant to contemporary eating habits

Each item in Stilleben's tableware collections  both glassware, stoneware and cutlery — is the result of a close examination of contemporary eating habits; of what and how we eat. The dimensions and shapes directly relates to the specific needs of every meal during the day.  

"We have updated and adjusted the proportions of the individual parts of the cutlery set to match and be relevant to the meals and the way we eat today. Specifically, the Alma teaspoon is different in that it is larger than in many other cutlery sets. We no longer use a teaspoon to stir our teas and coffees, rather we use it to eat cake or to place in a bowl of pesto, nuts or other condiments", Ulrik explains.

Designed for any occasion

The expression of the cutlery lands somewhere between the everyday practicality and the festive. Firmly grounded in the strictly functional the cutlery also have decorative elements found in classical silverware such as a curved transition from handle to spoon or fork, a so-called gooseneck, as well as a chiselled logo in each piece. 

Stilleben Alma Cutlery on Memphis Stoneware

Made from 100% stainless steel, the cutlery is easy to maintain and fits seamlessly into our lives and daily habits. It comes in a practical matte polish and a sparkling polished finish.

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