In Stilleben’s design the close attention to detail is rooted in skill and craftsmanship. There is a profound interest in the specific materiality and tactility relating to function. A strict, no-nonsense precision is always present without ever compromising on character and aesthetic properties. The design process is about precision and optimizing the object itself before adding the distinct Stilleben colors that makes each object part of a cohesive universe.


We aim for transparency in both production and shipping, and are constantly working towards more sustainable practices. It is a continuous effort with the highest possible degree of quality and sustainability as a benchmark. 

Minimizing packaging, working towards energy saving processes, choosing recycled materials for packaging and repurposing raw materials from the production is all part of reducing Stilleben’s carbon footprint.

The majority of Stilleben’s production lies within Europe. Our production partners not only excel at their craft but also share our goals on becoming increasingly sustainable as well as being both socially and ethically responsible. All of our production uses high-quality and locally sourced raw materials and our partners employ skilled, local workers.