Memphis Stoneware - craftsmanship meets sustainable innovation

Memphis Stoneware - craftsmanship meets sustainable innovation

Memphis Stoneware - craftsmanship meets sustainable innovation

Evolution of a collection

The design and process of the Memphis Stoneware collection has a 10-year long history. Starting out as being sold as a limited handmade edition, it has evolved over time to become a large scale production without compromising on neither function nor aesthetics. It is still rooted in Ditte's and Jelena's design, and the Stilleben philosophy of long-lasting aesthetic. 

Stilleben founders and designers in their ceramics factory in Bornholm

The factory

Today the Memphis Stoneware Collection is produced in a ceramics factory located near the west coast of Portugal, south of Porto, in close collaboration with our partners. Portugal has a long history of stoneware production and the raw materials used in production are sourced locally from natural resources.

Stillebens Memphis collection is produced by our partners in their Portuguese stoneware factory

Tradition meets innovation and sustainable practises

The factory combines centuries of knowhow in European stoneware production with the latest technologies. It has developed a unique single-fire technology, burning both the stoneware and the glaze simultaneously. This energy saving process both results in an incredibly strong and durable stoneware with a unique glaze and significantly lowers the carbon footprint of pottery production.

Memphis Stoneware Bowl - dusty blue, detail

The stringent, geometric expression of the Memphis Stoneware is softened with vibrant, lively colors and glossy, transparent glaze. The special glaze is developed by our partners to create a highly durable and scratch resistant surface of the stoneware.

Stilleben Memphis Stoneware collection - ceramics factory

The philosophy of Memphis Stoneware

At Stilleben we value the everyday - and sharing meals in good company with family and friends. This translates into our tableware which is a natural extension of Stilleben's universe centered around our living and dining spaces.

The Memphis Stoneware collection is a series of objects of value made for everyday living. It is simple forms made from honest materials in well-balanced, inspiring colors and glazes. Each product is part of a cohesive and distinct whole.

Stilleben’s universe of colorful and long-lasting tableware in stoneware, glass and linen textiles makes it easy to set an inspiring table - every day.

Stilleben Tableware in a tablesetting