Visit BaneGaarden - Dining with Stilleben at Perron

Visit BaneGaarden - Dining with Stilleben at Perron

Visit BaneGaarden - Dining with Stilleben at Perron

At Stilleben we love sharing meals in good company with family and friends. This translates into our tableware and also encompasses the communal feeling of dining in Perron, the newest restaurant to open in BaneGaarden. 


In the middle of Copenhagen between wild nature and railway tracks, lies nine wooden barns dating back to 1909. Like a forgotten treasure, they have been dwelling there for decades, but are now being restored back to their glory as BaneGaarden: a green oasis in the city.


BaneGaarden is a sustainable, green breathing space filled with gastronomic ambitions and organically growing ideas. 

Amongst wild nature and beehives you find Perron. Set in one of the barns, it is a bakery and pasta-bar with organic sourdough bread, freshly made pasta and seasonal vegetables - all served on Stilleben tableware; Memphis plates and bowls in all sizes as well as cups and Concave glasses. 

Experience our tableware and how the different colors complement each other, making for a vibrant and dynamic table setting.

The interior design is inspiring and the overall vibe of Perron is welcoming and communal. You want to spend the whole day there with friends and family; enjoying good food and conversation.

We also recommend taking a stroll around the area to experience some of the 1,5 acres of wild nature and great ideas that makes BaneGaarden such a unique inner city space.